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Finding Inner Peace: A Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery

Finding Inner Peace: A Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery

“We don’t get to choose what happens to us,
but we do get to choose
how we respond to our experience”
-Dr. Edith Eger

In the wake of my brother’s sudden passing seventeen years ago, I was left grappling with profound questions about life and death, with a lingering sense of unease that seemed to overshadow my every thought and action.

My quest for peace led me to explore various avenues in search of solace and understanding, propelling me to embark on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery.

A Personal Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery

Driven by a desire for insight and clarity, I immersed myself in countless courses and sought guidance from others who had navigated similar experiences.

However, it wasn’t until I delved into the workings of the human mind that I began to unlock the key to finding true peace and tranquility.

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

Through my studies, I came to understand the intricate interplay between our thoughts and their profound impact on our emotional and physical well-being.

I discovered that our mind, with its remarkable capacity for thought, can also become a source of self-inflicted suffering when we get lost in thoughts of the past or succumb to catastrophic thinking about the future.

Unraveling the Imprint of Trauma

My exploration also led me to investigate the enduring effects of trauma on the nervous system, often perpetuating a heightened state of stress and hyper-vigilance within us.

This constant state of agitation becomes so ingrained that it feels like the norm, perpetuating a cycle of survival mode living.

Embracing Stillness and Tranquility

Amid the chaos and uncertainties of our modern world, it became apparent to me that our innate state of peace is easily overshadowed by the relentless whirlwind of anxious thoughts and external pressures.

Yet, I discovered that by pausing and redirecting our awareness, we can recenter ourselves and access a sense of calm and well-being that resides within each of us.

Harnessing the Power of the PAUSE

Through practicing awareness and embracing the power of the pause, I learned to quiet my mind and reconnect with that innate state of peace.

By simply taking a conscious breath, we can recalibrate our equilibrium, akin to a cork naturally rising to the surface of still waters.

Embracing Serenity as an Inherent Aspect of Being

In finding peace within myself, I realised that this tranquil and harmonious state is not a distant concept to be pursued but an inherent aspect of our being, always within our reach.

It is a matter of rediscovering and nurturing that peace within us, breaking free from the shackles of relentless stress and inviting a sense of balance and thriving into our lives.

Navigating Grief and Loss

Finding myself back in the midst of loss after the recent passing of my dad, I’ve found myself better able to navigate the storm of grief through the deepened knowing of the magnificence of who we truly are.

This profound awareness has become a guiding light, helping me find solace and understanding amidst the pain of loss.

Reclaiming Inner Peace

Through the pursuit of insight, harnessing the mind-body connection, unraveling trauma’s impact, embracing stillness and tranquility, and harnessing the power of the pause, I’ve come to realise that our capacity for resilience and the enduring bonds of love transcend the boundaries of life and death, offering solace in the face of profound loss.

This journey of introspection and enlightenment has revealed to me that peace is not something to seek externally, but rather an inner sanctuary waiting to be unveiled.

Through the art of pausing and embracing mindfulness, we can reclaim our natural state of peace, fostering a quieter mind and a more serene existence amidst life’s ebb and flow.

Embracing Serenity

It is in this profound understanding of the magnificence of our true nature that I’ve found solace, resilience, and the capacity to navigate the most profound of losses.

Through this, I’ve come to embrace a newfound sense of serenity, knowing that the power of resilience and love transcends the boundaries of life and death, guiding us through the most challenging of times.

You can learn more about the art of pausing by clicking here.

With love,


Namaste- I honour the place in you in which the entire universe resides. I honour the place in you, of love, of light, of truth, and peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.


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