One thought away from peace

You Are Only One Thought Away From Peace

Do you know that you are always just one thought away from peace?

” The ability to witness that which arises in your mental, emotional field, that’s an enormous step in consciousness. – Eckhart Tolle

Understanding my true nature along with the realisation that underneath all of my thinking, beliefs, and the adversities I’ve experienced in life, there is always peace, has transformed my life.

The power of thought

Knowing how both my mind and the power of thought work, has helped me to see that it is only ever my thinking that is keeping me from peace.

Our most natural state of being, before our thoughts, beliefs and experiences is a tranquil place of peace.

It also helped me to recognise and remember the many times in the past, I had fallen into the bliss of this pure consciousness.

However, when I had experienced this in the past, I’d assumed it was the conditions of my surroundings that were causing me to have these beautiful feelings of unconditional love and peace.

Controlling thought

Over the years I tried to control my environment to experience those feelings again.

I often used avoidance of people or places I had labeled “troublesome” or “energy draining” or I’d try to catch my negative thoughts as quickly as possible and change them to positive ones, which was energy draining and also came with a dose of self-criticism and judgment for allowing them to sneak into my mind in the first place.

My bedroom became my go-to place for fostering those peaceful feelings, not knowing it was only ever my resistance to what was that was keeping me from those beautiful feelings I had come to crave.

Beautiful moments

There have been so many of those beautiful moments, but the ones I want to share with you now are the simplest. Like the times when I was very young, we would go visiting relatives, and after spending a lovely day with family, we would all pile into the car for the drive home.

As we all settled in, a quietness would fall over us, and before long I would get this overwhelming feeling of peace and love, which led to feelings of expansion, it was as if we fused into one.

Of course, as a child I had no understanding of what was happening, I would just revel in those beautiful feelings until we got home and the busyness of a large family took over again.

A noisy mind

I also remember back to a time I was lying on a beach in Bali, as my body sank into the softest sand I’d ever felt, I noticed that instead of dropping into the tranquility I hoped for, my mind was busy with thoughts about the work that would be waiting on my desk when I got back.

Each time I got lost in thought I became oblivious to where I was. I found myself getting irritated by my thinking until I suddenly saw what I was doing.

Every time I thought about work, it truly felt like I was being transported there, and when I let go of the thoughts, I was back on the beach.

With the realisation of how much of my holiday was being wasted thinking about work that I knew I could deal with when I got back, I began focusing my attention on the noise of the waves crashing onto the shore.

A beautiful feeling

As my mind got quiet, a beautiful feeling of deep peace began to emerge from inside of me, expanding into feelings of pure bliss. I felt immense gratitude for the opportunity of being on such an amazing holiday, before falling into the most peaceful, deep sleep.

It was such a profound experience that I often used the memory of those beautiful moments of bliss to help quiet my mind whenever I became overwhelmed by worrying thoughts.

A surrendering

I would often wish I was back on that beach as I honestly thought it was my being there that caused me to have those tranquil feelings. I didn’t realise then that that is the essence of who I AM, and is available to me at any moment I remember to zoom out of focusing on my worrisome thinking.  and surrender into that place of peace that is innate in all.

As I come to see more about the truth of who I am, my consciousness has expanded and I have more feelings of bliss throughout my day, always remembering I am only ever one thought away from peace.

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Namaste: “I honor the place in you in which the entire universe resides. I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth and of peace. And when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us”

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